Perdekraal East Wind Farm has announced the completion of all 48 of its wind turbine foundations.  The final foundation was completed on 17 June 2019, a full three weeks ahead of schedule. 
The majority of the labour is employed from the local communities of Ceres, Nduli, Bella Vista and Prince Alfred Hamlet, in support of local employment and upliftment.
“Around 70% of the workforce responsible for building the foundations come from these beneficiary communities,” said Glenn Hobson, Construction Project Manager for Perdekraal Wind Farm.
Perdekraal East Wind Farm poured the first of its foundations on 22 November 2018. The foundation design uses a 70% replacement of cement signalling a significant improvement in the concrete mix, having a 32,5% reduced carbon footprint.
Furthermore, all material excavated from the foundations has been reused on the site, either as fill on roads or in preparation for the hard stands, situated adjacent to the foundations.
Each turbine base has a diameter of 19 metres comprising over 45 tonnes of reinforced steel and 369 m3 of 30 MPa concrete; whilst the plinth requires 23 m3 of 60 MPa concrete. This is equivalent to a total of 65 full concrete trucks per foundation.
“We are extremely pleased to be on schedule and on budget,” concluded Hobson.
This 110MW wind farm spans 3 055 hectares and will generate enough clean electricity to power up to 95 000 South African homes. In addition to zero carbon emissions and reduced use of fossil fuels, the country will benefit from almost zero water consumption that is required during the generation process of Perdekraal East Wind Farm.