November 2020
Kangnas Wind Farm has completed its Grid Code Tests, the final milestone before achieving its Commercial Operations Date (COD), which is imminent.
“This is a very exciting time for our team, being just a step away from celebrating this Northern Cape mega-wind farm’s Commercial Operations Date,” said Manie Kotzé, Construction Project Manager of Kangnas Wind Farm.
Before a wind farm can be connected to the country’s national energy grid for commercial operations, it must be tested to certify that it complies with both performance requirements and the grid code. In order to do this, a sufficient steady wind is required to carry out a full test of the performance and compliance of the wind farm to the grid code under representative conditions.
“During the grid code testing period, the project team verify the response of the wind farm in accordance with the latest grid code, considering the local wind and grid conditions, which ultimately demonstrates compliance,” explained Kotzé.
As with all the wind farms that were under construction at the time the country’s national COVID-19 lockdown commenced at the end of March 2020, construction at this Northern Cape wind farm was halted and gradually picked up pace after 19 May 2020.
CONCO is responsible for the electrical component of the balance of plant works, including the engineering, procurement and construction, as well as the electrical works for Kangnas Wind Farm.
Further information is available on the Kangnas Wind Farm website: