PMG Water

2015-05-30  Department of Water and Sanitation and Water Boards on 2016/17 water tariffs2014-11-12 Update in respect of Government Wide Outcome Agenda – Outcomes 6, 7, 9 & 10 as they relate to water & sanitation (doc1 & doc2)

2014-10-15  Department of Water & Sanitation, Water Research Commission & Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority on their 2013/14 Annual reports (doc1, doc2 & doc3 )

2014-10-14 Audit Outcomes of Department of Water and Sanitation, Water Research Commission and Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority: AGSA briefing (doc1 & doc2)

2014-09-17  Department of Water and sanitation on 1st Quarter Performance

2014-09-09 Audit Reports as oversight tools: Office of the Auditor-General briefing (doc1 & doc2)

2014-09-03  Climate Change Implications for Water: Department of Water and Sanitation briefing

2014-07-30 Department of Water and Sanitation briefing on Presidential Proclamation No. 43 of 2014 (doc1)