PMG Economic

PMG Economic

2016-05-06   Department of Energy on its 2016 Annual Performance Plan (doc1, doc2, doc3 & doc4)

2015-06-02  Workshop with Minister for Economic Development and Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) on the latter’s investment strategy (doc1 & doc2)

2015-05-05 Department of Energy on its 2015/16 Annual Performance & Strategic Plans (doc1)

2014-11/18 Moody's on its Credit Rating System, Sovereign Credit Ratings and Bank Credit Ratings2014-10-21 Industrial Development Corporation on its 2013/14 Annual Report (doc1 & doc2)

2014-10-16 Department of Economic Development & Competition Commission on their 2013/14 Annual Report (doc1, doc2 & doc3)

2014-10-14 Audit outcomes of Economic Development Department and its entities: AGSA briefing; Department on its 2013/14 Annual Report (doc1, doc2, doc3 & doc4)

2014-10-14  Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) development & financing: briefing by Department of Small Business Development

2014-09-16 Progress in implementing Social Accords: Deputy Minister & Departmentbriefing

2014-09-09  Finance and Fiscal Commission on Department's performance and projections )doc1 & doc2)

2014-09-02  Minister and Department of Economic Development on its First Quarter Expenditure Report for 2014/15 (doc1 & doc2)

2014-08-26 Ratification of New International Labour Organisation recommendation concerning National Floors of Social Protection; Ratification of Amendment to the Constitution of the International Labour Organisation (doc1 & doc2)

2014-07-09 Deputy Minister and Economic Development Department on MTEF budget, infrastructure initiatives and New Growth Plan (doc1, doc2 & doc3)

2014-07-26  Minister and Deputy Minister of Energy & Department of Labour on their 2014 Strategic Plans (doc1 & doc2)

2014-07-15 Department of Public Works on its 2014 Strategic Plan

2014-07-12 Department of Economic Development Department on its 2014 Strategic Plan

2014-07-08 ITAC on its 2014 Annual Performance Plan

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