Windaba Connect set to make talk tangible with targeted focus on gender diversity and economic development

Impact and action are firmly on the agenda at the forthcoming Windaba Conference and Exhibition, with players from across South Africa’s wind sector set to come together to deliver accelerated growth.

Windaba Connect is a new initiative powered by Zerny Experiential in partnership with the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) with the express purpose of driving action and impact to transform the renewable energy sector.

The focus will be on two core areas, economic development and gender diversity, that both have the potential to not only transform the wind sector but the South African economy as a whole.

Taking place on 11th October, ahead of the 2-day conference and exhibition, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, SAWEA is calling on industry players with a passion to deliver on the wind sector’s promise to come together and make a concerted effort to turn policy into practical impact.

“Windaba Connect is the perfect curtain-raiser for our 11th annual conference. It will help focus minds, bringing together industry leaders, policy makers and of course our very own members from across the wind value chain, to focus on two of the core challenges facing our sector and the South African economy,” SAWEA CEO, Niveshen Govender, said.

“Bringing together this group of attendees, all who have committed to sharing, contributing and of course debating a way forward, should engender tangible strategies and interventions.”

The workshop “Implementing a gender diversity strategy,” will unpack the DMRE’s Gender Diversity Strategy and allow industry leaders to actively participate in the development of a RE Gender Diversity Charter.

“The RE sector can be an industry leader in transforming the workplace to ensure all employees are seen, heard and valued. This isn’t just the right thing to do, it makes economic and business sense. We look forward to developing the Charter and defining targets and reporting principles that will ensure actions lead to real transformation across the sector,” added Govender.

SAWEA was formed to deliver a thriving commercial Wind power industry in South Africa, part of a growing domestic and international renewable power industry that is recognised as a major contributor to social, environmental and economic security.

“The “Impact through economic development” is for renewable energy IPP economic development professionals. We have the opportunity to address South Africa’s ongoing underdevelopment and harvest South Africa’s full potential. Over the course of the session, we will share international best practice, South African perspectives and develop tangible outputs and objectives that will see the wind sector help us build back better,” said Govender.

Windaba Connect takes place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, ahead of Windaba 2022, which will see two days of vibrant debate and engagement around the themes of Wind Energy Impact, Implementation, Market and Policy.

The conference will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 12th to 13th October.

It has the theme of ’Wind Power Spearheading the Energy Transition for Accelerated Growth’ and is designed to ensure that wind energy delivers maximum impact for South Africa.


  • Windaba is the flagship industry conference of SAWEA bringing together key stakeholders including professionals, policymakers, academics, government representatives and civil society. It aims to facilitate strengthened partnerships for the on-the-ground implementation of renewable energy projects, to influence energy policy, and provide a framework to aid strategic decision-making.
  • SAWEA is an industry association representing the Wind Energy Industry in South Africa. They are a non-profit entity. Members include both national and international actors who are active in the entire Wind power supply chain.
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