PMG Social Development

PMG Social Development

2014-10-17 Analysis of DSD Strategic Plan & Budget for Social Crime Prevention & Victim Empowerment Programme: briefing by Shukumisa Campaign; NDA on its 2013/14 Annual Report (doc1 & doc2)

2014-10-15 Minister on Department of Social Development & SASSA 2013/14 Annual Reports; AGSA on their audit outcomes (doc1, doc2, doc3, doc4 & doc5)

2014-09-17 Department of Social Development on White Paper on Families; Adoption of outstanding minutes

2014-09-10 DSD & SASSA: 1st Quarter 2014 Performance (doc1 & doc2)

2014-08-27  Department of Social Development 4th quarter 2013 performance briefing

2014-07-15 Deputy Minister on Social Development 2014 Annual Performance Plan; Committee Report on DSD 2014 Budget (doc 1, doc 2 & doc 3)


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