PMG Energy

2016-08-23  Independent Power Producers Programme: status report by Department of Energy (doc1)

2016-05-03  Committee Report on Energy Budget (doc1)

2015-05-19 Minister of Energy Budget speach (doc1)

2014-11-11 NERSA on Regulation of Electricity, Piped-Gas & Petroleum Pipelines Industries (doc1)

2014-11-04 Grand Inga Hydropower Project Treaty with DRC (doc1 & doc2)

2014-10-17 Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA & National Nuclear Regulator on their 2013/14 Annual Reports (doc1, doc2 & doc3)

2014-10-16  South African National Energy Development Institute on its 2013/14 Annual Report (doc1)

2014-09-16 Eskom on its New Build Programme

2014-09-09 Department of Energy, National Energy Regulator of South Africa, PetroSA & SASOL on the gas sector (doc1, doc2, doc3 & doc4)

2014-09-09   Finance and Fiscal Commission on Department’s performance and projections (doc1 & doc2)

2014-09-02  Liquid Fuels Sector: Department of Energy briefing (doc1 & doc2)

2014-08-26 Integrated National Electrification Programme: Department of Energy & South African Local Government Association briefing (doc1 & doc2)

2014-07-29 Eskom briefings: National grid status, supply challenges, mitigation plans short and long term

2014-07-01  Ministry and Department of Energy on their 2014 Strategic Plan