Raising Communities Award

Award description

The award is designed to celebrate a project that has made a demonstrable impact and contribution to the Socio-Economic Development of the surrounding community. The project should demonstrate sustainable social upliftment, enhancements to the quality of life and economic wellbeing of people, especially those in rural areas.

Projects should meet the following criteria:

Award criteria

  1. Social benefits
    These can include the number of scholarships, schooling or education programs completed, with special consideration given for the number of women, young people or those with disabilities who have benefited from the project.
  2. Industry benefits
    Taking a longer-term view of developing the wind industry, this can include upliftment programs that have contributed to skills development and supplier pipelines. Particular attention will be placed on training of low skill workers in the wind energy sector.
  3. Inclusivity
    Projects that can showcase a track record of community employment inclusivity, with a focus on elderly, youth, people with disabilities, women, and children.


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