Windaba 2020

Windaba 2020 Goes Virtual from 26 – 27 October 2020

The 10th annual Windaba Conference and Exhibition once again proudly brought to you by the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) and supported by Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) took place on 26 to 27 October 2020 under the theme: 10 Years and Beyond – Wind Energy Leading two Decades of Energy Transition.

The virtual platform will be available for up to 12 months and allows exhibitors to place products in a virtual show room that will be frequented by targeted buyers. Companies will be listed according to category, making it easy for buyers to connect and request a meeting to further engage with your business.

Customized Exhibitor Virtual Booth 

  • Virtual Booth
  • Product description and listing of categories
  • Uploading of product pictures
  • Uploading of Company Video
  • Video/web conferencing functionality built-in for meetings with visitors
  • Searchability functions, so visitors can locate exhibitors (using directory listings, category lists, etc)
  • Intelligent matchmaking capabilities – automatically link relevant visitors to exhibitors and vice a versa
  • Reporting – lead tracking, monitoring which people viewed the exhibitor profile

Visitor Functionality

  • Ease of access and ‘searchability’
  • Find exhibitors by name, category, product and country / region
  • Allow for access to recorded content
  • Live streaming of content with interactive features (chat groups, polling, Q&A sessions online)
  • Intelligent matchmaking – connect them to relevant companies, based on information contained in the registration form they complete
  • Networking capabilities for visitors to interact with other visitors

Integrated live-streaming  

All content sessions will be streamed live straight to the platform while enabling visitors to join the session chat or network with other visitors. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to sponsor one or multiple sessions and all sessions will be available for users to stream.

Meeting agenda & scheduling tool

For easy calendar integration which conveniently keeps schedules of visitor’s all-in-one place. The ability to preview schedules and manage daily meetings, you are also able to collaborate with buyers in real tie with an overview of team productivity.

Video calls

The virtual platform meeting scheduling is seamlessly embedded in the platform. No need to download any extra software and works across both web and mobile. Features such as browser based (no downloads) screen sharing support video and audio support and person joined notifications.

Chat Functionality

The chat functionality (IM) makes it more convenient for visitors that matched to reach out to each other immediately. Enable chat option when buyers and exhibitors set a scheduled meeting with each other as well as exhibitors offerings meet buyers’ qualifications and specifications. Once there is a scheduled meeting or a mutual interest with visitors, chat connections will be available in the section “My connections”.