Themba Khoza

Chief Engineer: Grid Code Management System Operator – Grid Code Management Department

Mr Themba Khoza, a renewable energy enthusiast Professional Pr (ECSA) Chief Engineer
within the System Operator, with an excess of 18 years of demonstrated history of working in
the utility industry, now focusing on grid code compliance assessment of Renewable
Energies (RE) seeking connection or connected to the South African power network. Strong
expertise in the development and grid integration of the Renewable Energies such as
Photovoltaic (PV), Wind, Concentrated Solar Plants, Landfill & Biogas, and Mini-Hydro.
A Lead Engineer of the Renewable Energy Technical Evaluation Committee (RETEC)
responsible for the assessment of the RE grid code Compliance Studies, witnessing and
reviewing of the RE compliance tests, the technical evaluation of the RE compliance reports
to the Renewable Code, including the assessment of the RE (as-built and aggregated) model
validation and the certification of the Renewable Energies for grid code compliance.
He is part of the Grid Code Secretariat team for the Grid Code Advisory Committee (GCAC),
a NERSA sub-committee that is responsible for the governance of the South African Grid
Codes, and a participant of the Industry Expert Team (IET), a GCAC expert team.
He has been extensively involved in the development of the South African Grid Codes,
leading the development of the first Renewable Code in South Africa and currently a role
player in the development of both the Battery Storage Energy Facility (BESF) Code and
integration of all generator requirements into one Generation Code.
Mr Themba Khoza, holds a BSc Electrical Engineering Degree from University of Kwa-Zulu
Natal, and a Post Graduate Honours in Technology Management from Pretoria University.