Priscilla Gibson

Founder of Tech-Pro Personnel and co-founder of AltGen Recruitment and AltGen,

Priscilla Gibson boasts over 25 years of experience in strategic people-orientated advisory and recruitment services. She has forged a successful career within the renewable energy industry since the inception of South Africa’s REIPPPP in 2012. Priscilla, founder of Tech-Pro Personnel and co-founder of AltGen Recruitment and AltGen LTD has always had a predisposition to act on emerging trends, leading her and the Tech-Pro team to implement Southern Africa’s first k2 Workflow System as well as the Eliyahu Goldratt’s “Viable Vision Programme.” Due to her achievements in the executive search field, Priscilla was awarded the AMARA first runner up for best in category “Recruitment Officer of the year.” Priscilla’s engagements with some of the largest international project developers have seen her assisting them in securing the right skills which enable companies to deploy some of Africa’s most challenging projects. More recently, Priscilla has engaged with firms on an executive coaching level, helping to better identify, retain, and manage their teams.” 

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