Mpho Mookapele

Chief Executive EWSETA

Mpho Mookapele is a Chartered Accountant with over 14 years of experience in the Private and Public Sector in the Finance, Strategy Development and Regulatory Environment and Skills Development.

Through her career, she has served in different spheres of the South African Government, the Private Sector and in the United Kingdom.

Her passion for the development of the country, and its young people, has served as the driving force for her dedication to the public sector. This dedication extends beyond the boardroom and she is involved in a number of initiatives aimed at capacitating women at different stages in life.

Ms. Mookapele was awarded the 2019 overall winner of the SAICA Top-35-under-35 CA (SA) Competition and was Appointed as the EWSETA CEO in 2020.

Ms. Mookapele also serves on the following platforms:

African Women Chartered Accountants board subcommittee,
Novo ARC Committee and
UKZN Board
SAICA Ethics Committee Member

Her main areas of experience over the years are:
Financial Management
Risk Management
Strategy Development
Skills Development
Public Sector Accounting Technical and Legislation Advisory Consulting.