Karen De Bruyn

Head of Development, G7 Renewable Energies

Karen leads the dynamic G7 wind farm development team managing over 2 GW of highly competitive wind energy projects from inception to financial close. Karen is a highly motivated individual and takes a keen interest in the development of people for continuous growth.

She oversees all development tasks including site selection, wind measurement campaigns, land rights acquisition, and permitting. Since completing her undergraduate studies and a master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of Stellenbosch, Karen started her professional career in 2010 as an environmental consultant and has since gained significant experience in environmental management and renewable energy development. Marrying these two, she passionately contributes to South Africa’s successful transition to a low carbon energy mix.

Being passionate about equality, Karen recently co-founded WE Connect – the first networking platform for women working in the South African renewable energy sector. The aim is to improve gender diversity by creating spaces for networking, mentorship, and knowledge sharing.

Karen is a keen mountain biker and loves the outdoors.