Dr Pierre Voge

CEO of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone

Dr Pierre Voges is presently the CEO of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone Company, a green technology development outside of Cape Town, South Africa. He is also the Project Leader for the Cape Strategic Economic Development Infrastructure Company (SEDIC), based in Cape Town, South Africa.

In his career Pierre has built extensive experience in national, provincial and local government town and regional planning; effective combination of an academic as well as practical approach in strategic urban planning; an understanding of not only urban resilience and infrastructure town and regional planning strategies, but having the ability to convince key stakeholders of the merit of such strategies; technical knowledge to implement urban infrastructure projects to create green, sustainable cities and eco-tourism destinations; knowledge of infrastructure project contract management; knowledge of corporate finance; understanding of the private and the public sector, particularly in respect of the relevant legislation; knowledge of international finance and donor relations; an understanding of the importance of a Vision, Long-term Strategic Plans and Annual Business Plans with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure that the delivery of projects is on time, within budget and with quality; management of assets; experience in how to use a “bottom-up approach” to planning to bridge the gap between urban planning on the one hand and what makes economic sense on the other hand; the ability to assess the feasibility of capital investments, i.e. in terms of their profitability, economic impact in terms of GDP, employment; the ability to plan and design, in an infrastructure development context, capital projects that will contribute to a sustainable, green economy; understanding of the full cycle of infrastructure project management, which includes market research, conceptualization, financing and implementation of projects, and knowledge of how to develop Master Plans; using public investment as a catalyst to develop a sustainable green economy that attracts private sector investment; effective/clean financial management.