Dr Holle Linnea Wlokas

Principal and Senior Researcher, Social performance firm Synergy Global Consulting, Stellenbosch University's Centre for Complex Systems in Transition

Dr Holle Linnea Wlokas is a trained Social Scientist with vast experience in multi-stakeholder projects and processes and a strong focus over the past 9 years on social performance related issues in the renewable energy sector. The content of her work evolves around social and economic considerations of energy transitions with a specific interest in supporting quality relationships between business, government and citizens in the phase-out of fossil-fuel based operations and implementation of large-scale renewable energy projects. Holle is a Principal at the social performance firm Synergy Global Consulting and a Senior Researcher at Stellenbosch University’s Centre for Complex Systems in Transition. In 2020, she lead the USAID Learning Event project “Deepening REIPPPP’s Community Development Impact” and the research on REIPPPP’s community engagement practices in the TENTRANS project.