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SAWEA Industry Awards

As an organisation who promotes, advocates, endorses and facilitates a thriving wind energy industry, we want to spearhead the validation of individuals and organisations who are consistently contributing towards growing the wind energy sector, ‘Beyond The Turbines’

The Industry Awards have been developed to celebrate individuals and organisations who have excelled in various aspects across the wind energy value chain

Bright spark

Bright Spark Award

This award is designed to celebrate a young person who has achieved excellence in their wind energy professional career. The young person can be working in either public sector, private sector, or civil society. He/she will be recognised as a leader whose remarkable achievements and inspiring professionalism sets them apart from their peers.

Local Supplier

Development of Local Supply Chains Award

The award seeks to honour a company or organisation that has promoted the growth of home grown South African businesses in the wind sector. The award aims to recognise and celebrate a company or organisation that has committed to using local suppliers of wind technology across the value chain. The use of local suppliers is in line with or over and above local content requirements. By incentivising local content this award hopes to promote access to markets, job creation and opportunities for the wind industry and South Africa.


Environmental Stewardship Award

The award is designed to honour IPP(s) that demonstrate commitment to sustainable energy and exemplify and role model environmental stewardship. The award recognizes IPPs who have promoted the protection of the natural environment, undertaken impactful and tangible conservation efforts and introduced sustainable practices.

Service provider

Exceptional Service Provider Award

The award seeks to acknowledge a service provider in the wind energy sector who has gone above and beyond to ensure exceptional service. Recognising the depth and strength of service providers operating across the sector, entrants can be involved in the construction, operation, maintenance or support of wind energy projects or any other member in the value chain of the wind energy sector.

Gender diversity

Gender Diversity Transformation Enabler Award

The award seeks to acknowledge an organisation whose efforts have resulted in a demonstrable improvement to access into the wind energy industry for women and/or has resulted in improved representation of women within an organisation. The organisation will have a clear focus on diversity and inclusion that has and is accelerating gender equality and bringing about positive change.

Local Supplier 0

Local Supplier Award

The award seeks to honour a local (South African) component supplier with a growing market share in the wind sector. The award aims to promote local suppliers who are supporting the creation of jobs, access to markets, and opportunities.


Raising Communities Award

The award is designed to celebrate a project that has made a demonstrable impact and contribution to the Socio-Economic Development of the surrounding community. The project should demonstrate sustainable social upliftment, enhancements to the quality of life and economic wellbeing of people, especially those in rural areas.


Safety Net Award

The award seeks to acknowledge an organisation with a health and safety plan which meets or exceeds international best practice standards and demonstrates continuous improvement in safety performance. Entrants can include IPPs that go the extra mile to ensure that occupational health and safety (OHS) is not just implemented but also promoted within the wind energy sector.

what a women

Watt-a-Woman Award

The award is designed to recognise exemplary, remarkable female leader(s) who are trailblazers in the industry. Entrants should have at least 5 years of experience in renewable energy and have a distinguished reputation amongst their peers. These female leaders have a proven track record of continuously working to advance the wind industry.

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