Greenpeace ship returns to SA, highlights solutions to electricity crisis

Greenpeace’s iconic ship, the Rainbow Warrior, has arrived in Cape Town for a month long tour of the South African coastline, as part of a Greenpeace campaign to highlight its conviction that renewable-energy investments are the solution to the current electricity crisis.

The environment-friendly ship will dock at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront from February 9 to 16.

Greenpeace Africa executive director Michael O’Brien Onyeka said welcoming the Rainbow Warrior to South Africa at a time when the country was threatened by stage 3 load shedding was really important for Greenpeace Africa.

“The country is in crisis, and it is clear that the solution to load shedding is not more investments in coal and nuclear, but [rather] in removing the barriers to renewable energy.

“The ship will be used to highlight how renewable energy puts power back into people’s hands, and is already delivering on time and on budget,” he said.

The new Rainbow Warrior is one of the most environment-friendly ships built to date and is at the cutting edge of clean technology. She replaces the Rainbow Warrior II, which retired on August 16, 2011, after "22 tireless years at the campaigning frontline" and the original Rainbow Warrior, which was bombed in 1985.

The original Rainbow Warrior is best known for helping to end nuclear testing in the Pacific, blocking coal ports and closing down destructive fishing operations.

Greenpeace Africa campaigns for a just transition away from coal and nuclear energy and towards a clean energy future based on renewable energy in South Africa,” said O’Brien Onyeka

“The return of the Rainbow Warrior is a true honour for Africa, and we are confident that this visit will empower Greenpeace Africa with the tireless spirit of the global organisation that is required to win major campaigns and build on the successes achieved so far on the continent,” he added.

“The Rainbow Warrior is an important campaign tool for Greenpeace globally, in order to expose environmental crimes and advocate for solutions for the many citizens that are suffering from environmental injustices. Having the Rainbow Warrior here today is a reminder to our leaders on the continent, that the time to act is now.

“We cannot, and we should not, destroy our legacy to our children,” said O’Brien Onyeka.

Edited by: Creamer Media Reporter