Coega donates Maths & Science equipment to Mt Arthur Girls High School at Bangindlala village in the Eastern Cape

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) donated Maths and Science Equipment to Mt Arthur Girls High School at Bangindlala village near Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape.
The initiative forms part of the CDC’s outcome based approach on socio economic development. The organisation has over the years established and implemented a number of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes across the country where it has a footprint.
The CDC’s flagship programme launched at Mt Arthur Girls high school is due to a partnership with the Lady Frere District office and Bambindlala Non-Profit Organisation (NPO).
At the launch Mr Phaphama Mfenyana from Bambindlala NPO explained that “we learnt of Coega’s programme through our interest in the education sector. We have witnessed their mobile skills lab in Umthatha and thought it would be a wonderful initiative to duplicate at this school.”
“We are very grateful to Coega because they appreciate the fact that we have given ourselves to the growth of maths and science to the province. Coega has kept to their promise as they are back here today to fulfil that promise,” adds Mr Mfenyana.
Ms Thandi Rayi, CDC CSI Manager, who was the guest speaker at the event, added that “community development programmes are key to our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) approach. The Maths and Science programme has played an important role in equipping scholars in high school with the critical analytical skills,”
Mr Mfenyana added that “today’s event is even more special, due to the fact that it’s Africa Day and we, as Africans are benefiting from this initiative.”
One of the scholars we spoke on behalf of the school said “we the learners applaud CDC for the effort that they have made to make sure that we benefit from this initiative. We are even more encouraged by the fact that they’ve travelled all the way from PE to come to our school and present this equipment, it will benefit us largely and as learners we appreciate it greatly,”
Ms Rayi added that “we understand that at times, some schools don’t have the necessary equipment to assist with familiarising scholars with science equipment. More often than not, when scholars get to university they aren’t familiar with some of the equipment that is used at Universities.”
“Our mobile lab sites primarily are meant to benefit no less than 5 schools per area. This helps with ensuring that there’s mass participation in the programme and that many scholars benefit from the mobile labs” added Ms Rayi.
About Coega: The Coega Development Corporation (Pty) Ltd (CDC) is the operator of the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa.  Established in 1999, the CDC is wholly-owned by the South African Government.  The Coega IDZ is South Africa’s premier location for new industrial investments. The CDC aims to provide a competitive investment location and a total business solution for its customers, as well as ensuring sustainable economic development in the region. The CDC’s IDZ Zone 2 is a fully registered Customs Control Area. To date, the CDC has delivered on its mandate to provide socio-economic development for the Eastern Cape, has enabled the creation of 96 776 direct jobs since inception, with 33 operational investors and boasts an investment portfolio in excess of R181-billion. The CDC has also trained 71 445 people since inception.