Round table conversation series

Round Table 3

Collaboration for Scale and Impact was hosted by the African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) on the 26th August 2016.

Each renewable energy IPP in the country invests a percentage of revenue into socio-economic development (SED) initiatives. Some IPP also invest in enterprise development (ED)...

Round Table 2

Supporting sound community trusts- establishment, governance and operations, hosted at the Industrial Development Corporation on the 23rd May 2016.

Renewables projects have to comply with socio-economic development (SED) and enterprise development (ED) and also local ownership obligations. The latter requires projects to establish a legal...

Round Table 1

Managing Community Unrest Resulting From Political Lobbying For Municipal Elections 2016, hosted at Mainstream Renewable Power on the 26th April 2016

The purpose of this roundtable conversation was to identify risks resulting from increased tensions within the community due to upcoming municipal elections that may...