Programme 2017 – Day 1

Day 1: Wednesday, 15 November 2017 – Wind industry focus
07:45–09:00 Morning registration & refreshments in Strelitzia
09:00–10:45Plenary 1: Auditorium 2
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Industry status quo and challenges faced by wind energy industry in South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa and potential solutions to overcome these challenges
  • Global perspective on wind energy
  • South Africa & Africa
(Discussion Focus: Global alliances: Value proposition of RSA wind for the world)
Moderator: Brenda Martin, Chief Executive Officer, South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA)
10:45–11:15 Refreshment break & opening activities in Strelitzia
Refreshments Exhibition Hall
Media Briefing in Auditorium 2
11:20–12:50Breakaway 1Breakaway 2Breakaway 3 Breakaway 4
Venue:RM 1.60-1.62RM 1.63-1.64RM: 2.61 -2.63RM: 2.64 -2.66
Moderator:Mary Waller, Manager, African Clean Energy Developments (ACED)Masechaba Mabilu, Economic Development Manager, ACCIONA Energy South AfricaBrenda Martin, Chief Executive Officer, South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA)Anne Henschel, Managing Director, Nordex/Acciona Windpower South Africa
Theme:RSA Energy Roadmap & Status of IRP 2016 Update:
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  • Process of updating the IRP 2016. What is the current status of the IRP Update, what is the likely energy roadmap for South Africa and what are the implications for renewable energy?
  • Implications and opportunities for large –scale RE Market in SA : wind, solar PV IPPs, rooftop (embedded generation) & storage + Manufacturing + jobs
The role of business in achieving sustainable development objectives/ The role of business in achieving transformation and inclusive growth and economic development in South Africa:
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  • Developmental orientation of SA’s economic/growth policy
  • Business has a role to play in addressing long term development challenges the country is facing
  • Companies to concretely contribute to achieving the SDGs through inclusive growth in SA, Transformation as the key to inclusion. Do we have a transformative business agenda?
  • Unless social dimensions are addressed more comprehensively, there is a danger that efforts to connect green economy, sustainable development and poverty eradication will fail. How green is SA’s green economy if assessing it’s success from a socioeconomic development perspective?
  • Why should the triple challenge of poverty, inequality and unemployment matter to business?
  • What are the challenges in embedding transformation and socio-economic development as key elements of sustainability into a company’s core business?
  • Alignment of Econ Dev in REI4P with NDP and SDGs, and how this fits into a narrative on the role of business in society; what has been achieved to date and aspirations for development outcomes of the programme;
  • Localising SDGs – what is relevant for SA and specifically SA business
  • Lessons from mining i.t.o how mining charter is driving socioeconomic development and the importance of social license to operate
  • What will drive business to move beyond compliance and tick-box or marketing-driven CSI?
  • Is Government an effective “regulator” when transferring development objectives and impact targets to the business sector?
A Macro Perspective:
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This session will focus on some of the key macro drivers and areas of contestation in the transition away from coal – investment, jobs, costs.
Industry Related:
OEM Session
12:50–14:00Lunch in Exhibition Hall 3
14:00-15:30Plenary 2: Auditorium 2
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Challenges faced by the wind sector within the region – SA being the focal point
(Discussion Focus : National: Value proposition of wind for RSA)
Moderator: Mark Pickering, Chairperson, South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA)
15:30-16:00Refreshment break in exhibition hall 3
16:00–17:30Breakaway 5Breakaway 6Breakaway 7Breakaway 8
Venue:RM 1.60-1.62RM 1.63-1.64RM: 2.61 -2.63RM: 2.64 -2.66
Moderator:Mary Waller, Manager, African Clean Energy Developments (ACED)Masechaba Mabilu, Economic Development Manager, Acciona Wind Power South AfricaBrenda Martin, Chief Executive Officer, South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA)Chris Billingham, Grid Manager (Africa), Mainstream Renewable Power South Africa
Theme:Power Sector Reform
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  • Status quo: current picture of SA’s power market
    Given policy uncertainty (continued from IRP discussion), what are the alternatives, what is happening in SA in terms of power sector reform : private off-take, embedded generation & municipalities
  • What are the possible options for SA’s power sector reform, and what opportunities are there for RE IPPs
  • Perspectives from other African countries which have undergone reform in the power sector e.g. Uganda
Transformation – Meaningful ownership and participation across the value chain
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  • Black business wants to participate as active partners and not passengers – why is this still not happening?
  • What needs to change and who can change it?
A Socio-economic development perspective:
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This session will focus on the drivers of socio-economic development in the transition – institutions, policies, laws and programmes
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Technical Session

Session Sponsor: UL International
19:30–00:00Gala dinner at Suikerbossie Restaurant in Hout Bay
Shuttle service available to and from Suikerbossie