Conference Theme – Wind Power: Building Futures

The Windaba conference programme is geared toward providing relevant information to inform astute decision making for those active in South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Programme  (REIPPPP).

The Wind power market is now well on track to early maturity, with 6 422 MW of Wind projects procured, some 3 357 MW and more than 550 wind turbines are already generating electricity into the SA grid. As a significant foreign direct investment contributor, wind power has become a meaningful contributor to South Africa’s economic growth. Many African countries are now able to look to the country’s REIPPPP lessons to leverage similar foreign direct investment and local economic development potential.

SAWEA aims to bring together established industry, prospective investors and potential alliance partner to strengthen relationships and contribute to the strengthening of wind power procurement programmes across Africa.

This year’s conference programme will explore:

  • The current status of the RSA RE market and Wind power within this: what has been achieved? What are winning project models? What are future policy-aligned MW potentials? What are the key zones for job creation? How can the value chain be expanded?
  • The policies needed to underpin market growth: What is planned? What has been learned? What changes are required e.g. to REIPPPP rules for future rounds?
  • Local socio-economic and economic benefits
  • Transformation of the sector: employment, youth and women, achieving economic development, ownership, leadership,
  • Local manufacturing and local content
  • Technical considerations
  • Beyond the REIPPPP: power sector reform, legal and policy changes, private off-take opportunities within the current legal frameworks.
  • Finance considerations for a future SA market

& much more.

Exhibit at Windaba

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